2001: A Space Odyssey 1968cool extras blu-ray 
Star WarsA New HopeThe Complete Saga1977  blu-ray 
Alice in WonderlandAlice Through the Looking Glass 2016bluray only blu-ray 
 Ant-Man 2015Paul Rudd blu-ray 
Star WarsAttack of the ClonesThe Complete Saga2002  blu-ray 
 AvatarTheatrical Version2009bluray/dvd combo blu-ray 
 Baby Driver 2017was he slow blu-ray 
Back to the FutureBack to the Future25th Anniversary Trology1985  blu-ray1
Back to the FutureBack to the Future Part 225th Anniversary Trilogy1989  blu-ray2
Back to the FutureBack to the Future part 225th Anniversary Trilogy1990  blu-ray3
 Beasts of the Southern Wild 2012bd/dvd pack blu-ray 
Star WarsBonus Disc 1The Complete Saga2011  blu-ray 
Star WarsBonus Disc 2The Complete Saga2011  blu-ray 
Star WarsBonus Disc 3The Complete Saga2011  blu-ray 
The Dark KnightBonus Features 2013  blu-ray2
 Captain America 2012  blu-ray 
The Hunger GamesCatching Fire 2013  blu-ray1
 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005it has extras blu-ray 
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales 2017  blu-ray2
DeadpoolDeadpool 2016DVD and bluray two disc set blu-ray2
Blade RunnerDirectors Cut30th Anniversary Edition1982  blu-ray2
 Edward Scissorhands25th Anniversary Edition1990Suburbia blu-ray 
 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998  blu-ray 
Tron LegacyFeature Filmfilm plus bonus material2010  blu-ray1
The Dark KnightFeature FIlm 2013  blu-ray1
Lego Batman The MovieFeature Film 2013Lego Batman blu-ray2
Despicable Me 2Feature FilmTarget Exclusive2013  blu-ray1
BrazilFeature FilmDirectors Cut1985Criterion Edition blu-ray1
The Lego MovieFeature Film 2014  blu-ray1
MinionsFeature Film 2015  blu-ray2
 Fight Club10th Anniversary Edition1999  blu-ray 
BrazilFilm and ExtrasLove Conquers All Edition1985Criterion Edition Extras Included blu-ray2
Blade RunnerFinal Cut30th Anniversary Edition1982  blu-ray1
 Frankenweenie 2012  blu-ray 
 Hell and Back 2015mila kunis blu-ray 
Blade RunnerInternational Theatrical Cut30th Anniversary Edition1982  blu-ray2
 Keanu 2016Key and peele blu-ray 
The MatrixMatrix Reloaded 2003triple feature blu-ray2
The MatrixMatrix Revolutions 2003triple feature blu-ray3
null Moonrise Kingdom bluray DVD combo pack2012  blu-raynull
 Morning Gloryprobably rubbish2011some dumb chick flick blu-ray 
Mystery Science Theater 3000Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie2013 Release1996good extras blu-ray2
Pirates of the CaribbeanOn Stranger Tides 2011lego movie inside blu-ray 
Blade RunnerOriginal Theatrical Cut30th Anniversary Edition1982  blu-ray2
Star WarsReturn of the JediThe Complete Saga1983  blu-ray 
Star WarsRevenge of the SithThe Complete Saga2005  blu-ray 
Star WarsRogue One 2016  blu-ray1
FireflySerenityLimited Edition2005  blu-ray1
SpidermanSpiderman 3 2007disc and case only, part of multi disc set blu-ray 
 Stranger than Fiction 2007  blu-ray 
 The Corpse Bride 2005  blu-ray 
Star WarsThe Empire Strikes BackThe Complete Saga1980  blu-ray 
Star WarsThe Force AwakensTarget Exclusive Edition2015thats not how the force works blu-ray2
Star WarsThe Force Awakens ExtrasTarget Exclusive Edition2015Extras blu-ray3
 The HeatTheatrical and Unrated2013various commentariesMelissa McCarthyblu-ray1
The Lego Batman MovieThe Lego Batman Movie 2017  blu-ray2
The MatrixThe Matrix 1999triple feature bluray blu-ray1
Star WarsThe Padawan Menace 2011lego star wars blu-ray 
Star WarsThe Phantom MenaceThe Complete Saga1999  blu-ray 
Guardians of the GalaxyVolume 2 2017baby groot blu-ray1
 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971bluray only blu-ray 
Wonder WomanWonder Woman 2017  blu-ray2
Blade RunnerWorkprint30th Anniversary Edition1982Also contains Extras and documentaries blu-ray3
 Young Frankenstein 1974  blu-ray